Mobile payments

with a social twist

Hangout and chat

with your friends…and

those you want to know

Send drinks or food

to your friends anytime,

anywhere on the network

Get deals and specials

at your favorite bars

and restaurants

  • Mobile Payments!

    icon_payment_imgCheck-in to your favorite bar or restaurant, order as you normally would, and when ready, request the check with your phone. The amount is sent to your phone, you add tip and leave. That’s it!  No worries about leaving your credit card behind. With HouseTab, no more losing credit cards, and no more waiting for the check.

  • Socialize with Friends!

    icon_buddies_imgSee where your Buddies are hanging out, meet up with them or send them a round. You are at home and they are out, find them. Text and chat inside the HouseTab app. Or if you’re stuck at work, you can still buy them a drink. At the bar, someone catches your eye, you can text them saying so or send them a martini and let the drink do the talking. All via HouseTab.

  • Send Goodies!

    icon_chips_imgSend drinks or bites to your Buddies, whether they are out, you are out, or you are both at home wishing you were out. Across the room, across town or across the country. You can also send a Goodie to the hottie at the end of the bar. No more faxing annoying credit card authorization forms, just send the Goodie via your phone immediately. Social gifting, social fun anytime.

  • Get Deals!

    icon_deals_imgMerchants offer deals and other perks to HouseTab members. For example, ‘Come by for the Giants/Eagles game Sunday and receive a free domestic beer with an order of wings’ or ‘Tuesday night is ladies night, half off all well drinks’. HouseTab will drive new business to merchants, and therefore merchants will pass savings onto you. Simple as that.

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Social mobile payments made quick and easy