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More social means more value.

HouseTab brings you the latest technology connecting your staff with customers.

Put your place on the HouseTab map and drive in newcomers while also offering personalized incentives to reward your VIPs and most loyal customers.

Increased sales driven by gifting of drinks to existing and potential customers.

More efficient checkout and better service results in higher turnover and more revenue for your business.

  • The Power To Control How Your Night Unfolds
    Imagine life without the ease of HouseTab. Tell us your story and maybe star in our next video.

Convenience Redefined

Connect with your buddies at your favorite joint or find the next hot spot.

Send and receive Goodies (drinks and food) wherever and whenever.

Let your phone safely deal with your check, leaving you more time to spend with your friends.

Stay on top of the pulse, latest deals and promotions in real-time.

Stuck at work? Send a drink to say “I’ll be there soon.”

Need to leave and can’t wait for the check? Just hit Get Up and Go and be on your way.

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    Find your buddies, pick your spot and check in.

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    Send and receive drinks anytime, anywhere

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    Request and pay your tab or just Get Up and Go

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    Stay on top of what’s going on in your network

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    Continue on your quest to conquer the night

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