• My staff loves how easy and user friendly HouseTab is to use. The fact that I can reach customers through a mobile platform and send them drinks and promotions has been very beneficial to us. We are extremely busy during the summer and the get up and go service speeds up checkout time and increases overall revenue.
    Craig Atlas, GM Surf Lodge
  • Customers have been actively engaging with other users on the network and sending drinks to one another. At the end of the day, it means that HouseTab is increasing my sales and driving new customers in the door
    Dan Rieger, Partner of the Royal
  • Using HouseTab at my bars has been hugely beneficial; the app streamlines the check out process for my staff, and the tips tend to be higher. The fact that I can monitor the purchasing patterns of my regulars, and send them deals and drinks is also a huge asset.
    David Marino, owner of The Windsor and Windsor Gansevoort Park.
  • Using HouseTab has made my life easier, especially when we are busy. It has significantly reduced the time I spend checking out customers, and I have also seen my tips increase to approx. 20%.
    Jenn Flores, bartender at Pergola, West 28th Street, NYC

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